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Thank you for your interest in the London Prayer Loop.   We believe that praying around the outside of London will have an impact into the heart of London as we pray for peace on the streets of London and for the spiritual transformation of communities across every borough.  We believe that it is important to stand with London in prayer as the capital of the UK.   

Let us know which sections you intend to prayer walk and the date(s) you intend to do so.  In sending us your contact details you are agreeing to us keeping your details on a database. 

We hope you enjoy your time prayer walking the London LOOP.  We do not recommend prayer walking on your own.  If you are not able to take part in prayer walking for whatever reason to join us in praying for London. 

We will send out an email to you after the London Prayer Loop Walk giving you an opportunity to let us know how it went and whether you have anything you would like to share with others.  We will compile an overview of this feedback. 


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