A Mile with Jesus


We're standing together to Dedicate 2021 to the Lord in Prayer.  We'll be having a 10am live zoom prayer meeting and then a Prayer Walk in the afternoon on New Years Day.  We hope you can join us.


An introduction from Rachael Fola-Taiwo

In October 2015, after 14 days of fasting and prayer, God gave me the vision of ‘A Mile With Jesus.’ In a dream, I ‘saw’ prayer chains springing up from different places, like electric fibres, sparks coming together and forming a massive umbrella, that all hands were holding onto. I could see traces of lightning coming from the roads and streets around us which returned towards heaven. Later at a prayer conference, all I could pray was “Lord I will go a mile with you.” The Holy Spirit said to me, ”not just you, but as many that will go a mile with Him, He will go with them through the journey".

Our invite to you to dedicate 2021 in prayer and walk A Mile with Jesus

On January 1st 2021, we invite you to dedicate yourself, your family, street, church, community and our family of nations to the Lord for the year.  Churches and Prayer Groups might want to join in this dedication service online 

1). Would you join us on a live zoom prayer time at 10 am on Jan 1st 2021 - Register Here

2). Would you undertake 'A Mile with Jesus' Prayer Walk some time on New Year's day praying over and for the households in your street, for protection, for salvation and that they would be blessed in this coming year.  To download our free Prayer Walking Guide - Click Here

3). Would you record 'My 2021 Prayer' and send it to us so we can share that with the members of NPN - Submit your video here

See the growing number of people sending My 2021 Prayer's below.