Below is a list of all the various resources NPN has produced or likes to signpost.  We've also produced a short video from our Founder Rebekah Brettle about the vision of NPN and the first steps to implement it on your street.

London Prayer Loop Resources

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A Mile with Jesus Prayer Walking Guide

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Virtual Prayer Walking Guide

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NPN Projects

Believing Together TV Programme Facebook Group

Ministry Footprints

Prayer Resources


This simple card will help you reach out to your neighbours.  With space on the back for a written prayer request and return address, the card is designed to offer your neighbours the opportunity to submit a prayer request to your church or House of Prayer. 

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 Lent Prayer Guide - based on the Gospel of Matthew.


 Neighbourhood Prayer Diary: This guide is produced in partnership with Tearfund and provides a list of people you could pray for each day around a theme. This guide also appears in our (now sold out) book: "Neighbours, Transform Your Street"


 40 days of Prayer for neighbours (also available on Youversion and in our book, "Neighbours, Transform Your Street"


 Prayer walking Guide: Available here, but also in our book "Neighbours, Transform Your Street" 


 70 days of Prayer for your Neighbourhood : developed in Partnership with The Well and Call2Prayer


 Prayer Triplet Guide: This resource is a twelve week guide, which teaches on prayer, but helps you pray in a prayer group with at least two other Christians for your street and theirs.


You could also recommend United Christian Broadcasters' prayerline to your neighbours. This prayerline allows people to phone up to make prayer requests over the phone. Calls normally last 5 minutes and people will be prayed for over the phone 0845 26 37 223

Please visit for details


Care Resources

Redeeming our Communities: Works closely with the police, local government, fire service, bridging the gap between the church and these services and helping the church to provide much needed community projects in an area, such as  ROC cafes (youth), and many other projects. Please visit their website. We detail more information in our book, "Neighbours, Transform Your Street"

Christians Against Poverty (debt relief). Neighbourhood Prayer Network supports this charity and hopes there will eventually be a CAP centre in every postcode area of the country.

Foodbank (feeding people struggling so much financially that they cannot afford to buy enough food). We support more Foodbanks being set up all over the UK to meet the growing needs of our neighbourhoods.

Acts435: Matches up people who have needs, such as a baby's pram, with people who have the ability to give. Please visit their website

Stop the Traffik: Helps identify and stop human trafikking in the UK

Street Pastors: Patrols streets, backed up by prayer at night time, helping make our streets safer.

Christian Nightlife Initiatives: Making our streets safer at night time through many initiatives including street Angels to keep people safe and minister to people at night.

Healing on the Streets: A ministry that prays for healing for people. There are many stories of miracles 


Share Resources

Fathers Love Letter

This simple card and matching envelope will help you reach out to your neighbours.  The card is a message of Love from God using scripture throughout the Bible to convey God's Love and Sacrifice for us all.

  Looking for God
UCB Word for Today

Online Church

NPN has put together a list of Churches which are holding services online each Sunday.

Click Here to look at the list.

Devotional Resources

Working with Rev. Stephen Derges of Focused Life, we are please to share his Holyweek devotional with you for free.

In our busyness, let us find time to meditate and reflect on God's work, praying for a fresh sense of Hid Holy Spirit in our lives.

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Neighbourhood Prayer Network is unable to guarantee external resource recommendations.  We encourage everyone to research and make sure the resource is suitable for your particular situation.

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