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Thanks for your interest in 'A Mile with Jesus'.  We firmly believe mobilising the whole Church to Prayer Walk as many streets in the UK as possible will see a significant spirital transformation in our Communities.

Don't forget to also order the Mile With Jesus resource booklet.  This 28 page full colour booklet has all the information you might need to Prayer Walk your locality, it's available now from www.resourcesforchurch.com.

We hope you enjoy your Prayer Walk.  Remember also, if you are housebound or can't walk far, you can still drive or get a map and pray over the streets as you see them represented.  Every one can take part.

We are hoping to find a different Church each day of the year to do one Prayer Walk.  It will be a chain of continuous Prayer Walking across the UK during the year.  There's a box below which asks you to submit three date options when you plan to do your prayer walk, please let us know so we can slot you into a day where no other Church is Prayer Walking.

We will plan to get in touch with your Church to see how things are working out, the planning the walk itself and how things went after the walk.  So once we receive your registration, we'll get in touch with your leader.

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