HOPE - Roy Crowne

'A Mile with Jesus' is one of the many prayer strands building towards a year of mission in 2018, where we hope to see 10% growth in church attendance across denominations.  This cannot happen without prayer. 2017 is a year of prayer building on the foundation of many prayer initiatives such as Try Praying, Thy Kingdom Come, 24-7 prayer and thousands of churches and prayer ministries across the UK. We are delighted to partner with 'A Mile With Jesus' as they aim to see at least one church congregation in each of the 3114 postcodes in the UK, covering their area in prayer over the next two years, supporting the 2018 year of mission.


World Prayer Centre - Jane Holloway

In this 2017 year of celebrating unity across the Christian church in the UK, we at the World Prayer Centre in Birmingham are delighted to partner with a A Mile with Jesus as they issue this nationwide invitation to invite Christians of any age and background to go out into their communities and pray for God’s Kingdom to come in power.

We know that as God’s people walk and pray -  often described as ‘praying on-site with insight’- they are enabled to see things from God’s perspective and learn more about how to pray for others and situations beyond themselves.

Whether we live in a large city, small market town or in a rural location, let’s make the time to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit and pray for the people, places and situations in the mile around where we live, work or worship. Prayer walking is vitally important in changing the spiritual atmosphere over a place or community – so let’s expect for God to open doors for us to share the good news of Jesus as a result of our praying.


Pray for Scotland - Alistair Barton

At Pray for Scotland we value the close relationship we have with Neighbourhood Prayer Network.  We share the same vision - to see every home, every street, every neighbourhood covered in prayer using the 'Pray, Care, Share' model.   To this end we warmly welcome 'A Mile for Jesus' as a valuable fresh resource.  We believe the imaginative ideas and suggestions in this Guide will inspire us to 'persevere in prayer' for the salvation and transformation of our communities, and the Nation! 


Prayer Storm - James Aladiran

Prayer Storm is excited to partner with 'A Mile with Jesus' believing that as more people 'prayer walk their local streets and communities, that people will be preparing the ground for the coming revival.


National Day of Prayer & Worship (NDOPW) - Jonathan Oloyede

How encouraging to see God’s army rising up to march across this land to intercede for God’s will to be done, here in the British Isles as it is in heaven! ‘A mile with Jesus’ is a fantastic practical way to literally walk out your faith. At NDOPW, we’re excited to join with this initiative to see what God will do as we, His people, humble ourselves to pray and stand in the gap all across this nation.


(CWR) National Weekend of Prayer - Mick Brooks

We are very excited about A Mile with Jesus. It captures a vision like ours to see people praying for their local communities. The National Prayer Weekend’s aim is to help us introduce God’s love to those around us, and A Mile with Jesus is the ideal prompt to get us stepping out and actively taking Jesus’ love into our local areas. We hope you enjoy walking ‘a mile with Jesus’ and who knows, just like the people walking on the road to Emmaus, you might be surprised with who comes to walk alongside you.


24-7 Prayer - Brian Heasley

We at 24-7 Prayer are big fans of A Mile with Jesus, there is something incredibly powerful about prayer walking and what you have here is a simple method that will give you strategy and ideas for praying for your neighbourhoods. We want to recommend this initiative to you and know that it will be a powerful tool for the church as we all seek to pray the God would touch our land.