Street Resonse to coronavirus


Please note : this page is updated regularly to provide the best information we can to help members of Neighbourhood Prayer Network.

We have developed our own version of a Help Your Neighbours Card, which is now available download here or you can order some on a thicker (250gsm) card from 

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We are Christians who stand in Faith and Not Fear.  Let's not lose our minds in this news saturated situation, let's keep our eyes focused on Jesus.

Remember for the majority of people that contract coronavirus it will feel like a bad cold or the flu.  The country is in a panic because for some, particularly elderly or those with pre-existing health problems the impact of the virus is much worse.

To watch the short Prayer you can use in your Church or Network Click Here


Our great friend Ravina Talbot has produced a few slides which have great advice to help anyone feeling stressed.  Ideas tey can implement to be more at peace.  Let's share this great resource.  To download the Power Point Click Here, to download a PDF of the Slides Click Here.



At Neighbourhood Prayer Network (NPN), we recommend setting up a group for your street either on WhatsApp, Facebook, or by SMS Text or Phone.  This allows easy and quick access to information.  We recognise that some folk on the street may not be connected to the internet, so you may need to implement two systems, one social media group and another which is by SMS or Phone.

To get a group set up, you'll probably need to gather a lot of information, DON'T do this in person, ring, text and Facebook people to build the Street Response group.

We also don't recommend that people walk around the street posting a how can I help card.  The card delivery will bring you into contact with people.  Also how do you collect the written responses and what if you are carrying coronavirus.

Form a core group.

We recommend that you get 3-5 people on your core group that can between them respond to messages and share the load of phoning and checking on people.

Checking on your Neighbours each day.

Make sure that you implement a process where everyone on your street has the opportunity to check in with the core group or is checked up on by the core group each day.  What we mean by check is -

  • do they have symptoms of coronavirus ? 
  • do they need medical attention, which could be arranged ?
  • do they have enough food ?
  • do they need a prescription delivered ?
  • do they just need to hear a friendly voice ?

The core group will probably need to help arrange a few things for some neighbours, so getting key information together and posting at street level the latest information about coronavirus will be key

The major supermarkets are in the process of updating how they deliver items.  If folk are self-isolating - bagged goods will be dropped off outside the front door so no contact is made between the delivery person and the household they are delivering to.

Don't make the core group too big, beyond five people you will spend too much time making decisions and not enough time helping neighbours.

Looking at the Spiritual side

We've written a simple prayer, which can be used individually or in a Church context.

Heavenly Father
We pray for your Protection and Deliverance from the Coronavirus
That anyone infected would be Healed
We ask for your wisdom for Healthcare professionals
and the leaders of Government
Lord, let the spread of Coronavirus stop in Jesus name.

Lisa Hutt our National Director of Prayer Ministry shares about the virus from a prayer perspective.

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1)
We are living in shaking times and there are many people who don’t know Jesus.  Panic, fear and dread have been stirred in hearts and lives through the coronavirus.  It is so important that we pray for our neighbours that they will not panic, not be fearful and that they will find hope in Jesus.  

First response, Street Response
This week I have been at the World Prayer Centre annual conference.  On the last morning, I was walking to the venue and I could hear the birds sing under a blue sky, it was beautiful.   At that moment, I thought of everyone who did not know Jesus yet also listen to the bird song - fearful of what may happen.  I began to weep and to pray.  Later, I was reminded of the scripture “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13 (NIV).  It struck me that we are positioned as a line of first response on our streets to be there as people ask questions and share their fears and concerns. That there was an opportunity to share how our faith helps us in times of trouble. To offer to pray for those who are fearful and anxious. To consider prayerfully what we can do relationally with others on our street to support and care for each other especially the vulnerable and isolated. To pray for all the different things local churches are doing to care for and reach out to our community. To be open to anything the Holy Spirit may inspire and lead us to do individually and with other Christians.  Praying that we will love and look out for each other so that the world will know that we are disciples of Jesus and that many would come to know and trust in Jesus because of that.

We are starting a specific push for prayers for those affected by coronavirus on the NPN Facebook Page - Click here to view, add your prayer or join the group.


Practical steps we can take to stem the spread of Coronavirus or reassure Neighbours

  • Don't travel into populated areas
  • Remain a respectable distance from each other avoiding hand contact
  • Try to not touch your face
  • Make sure you regularly wash our hands for at least 20 seconds
  • Regularly clean household and kitchen surfaces
  • Shop online and get it delivered, you could offer to do this for older neighbours
  • If you have any flu like symptoms self isolate yourself and ring 111 for advice
  • Older folk will be worried, so ringing an older neighbour each day to check if they are OK, will help ease their concern
  • People with pre-existing health problems are more at risk if they get the infection.  Anyone concerned should contact their GP for advice

Websites to keep track of coronavirus

Prime Ministers latest Speech regarding the virus
NHS UK - Advice from the NHS
UK Government - Guidance from the UK Government
BBC UK - Updates from around the UK
Worldometer - A global view of cases and transmission of the virus
CSSE - Mapping of coronavirus
BBC Global - A world media view with live updates
Fox News (USA) - An American perspective

Israel is also very close to developing a Vaccine, Click Here to read that.

Christian Leaders response to coronavirus

Carl Brettle - NPN's CEO - Short Version for Sharing
Gavin Calver - CEO of Evangelical Alliance
Graham Nicholls (Affinity) via Premier Christianity
Carl Knightly - Faith in Later Life
Justin Welby - Archbishop of Canterbury
Linda Stalley - Maranatha Community
Pete Greig - 24-7 Prayer

Even with all of the ideas above and the links to the website, let's stand in faith that God will answer our prayers and coronavirus will be halted.


Matthew 11:28 - “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”  Pray for....

  • Neighbours worried about Covid-19, especially the elderly or those with diabetes, heart problems, respiratory problems or other concerns.
  • Protection for all your neighbours from this disease, that many will not be infected and for those who do, they will recover quickly.
  • For health care workers in your street, for protection for them and their families and for relief from the stress and anxiety during this crisis.
  • For many to choose to turn to God and find rest and comfort in Him.


Please follow up to date government guidance. 

  • Write a card explaining what you want to do, inviting your neighbours to join the group. You might want to write something like this- please choose your own wording.
  • Consider setting up a Facebook, WhatsApp or SMS Text Group for the street. The idea is that we can stay in contact with one another as the country deals with the Coronavirus.  One or two people from your street should run it and have the capacity to manage it each day. Produce a card notifying people of this and post this through the doors of your neighbours. Please wear gloves while doing this and wash your hands upon your return. If your neighbours want to join the group, they will opt-in.
  • Please donate food items to food banks, these are running low on supplies at the moment.


  • If you are setting up a group you could tell neighbours that you are happy to pray for them

We are working tirelessly to make sure we can support as many of our members as possible.  God be with you during this time.

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