Postcode Co-ordinator


We are looking for people from every post code area in the UK to co-ordinate prayer in your post code area. This will entail encouraging churches to ask  their congregations to pray for and get to know their neighbours. 

  • To visit church leaders in your postcode area, to talk to them about Neighbourhood Prayer Network
  • To obtain maps of your local post code area and find people in churches willing to pray fo r as  many streets as possible in this postcode.
  • To communicate with Neighbourhood Prayer Network, which streets are being prayed for (that you know about)
  • To give us any feedback re testimonies of what is happening locally
  • To tell us of any similar initiatives so that we can tell others about it
  • To feedback to local churches initiatives of Neighbourhood Prayer Network or our partner ministries.
  • If there are good local prayer guides, to inform us to see if we can add them to our prayer resource library for other churches and ministries.

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