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Thank You !

We're so pleased that you have decided to buy 'Neighbours Transform your Street'.  The book took several months to write as we travelled around the country getting some amazing stories of what God has been doing through prayerful ministry in the community.

We'd love to suggest three small next steps you might want to consider.

1).  Register your street.  If you haven't already, please register your street to tell us you are praying and taking spiritual responsibility for the street you live on.  There are thousands of people who have done this already and you can now join the team.  When you register we don't show your name or house number, we just place a dot in the middle of the street you live on to show others there is someone praying.  Click Here to Register your street.

2).  Weekly Newsletter - you'll start to receive our weekly email newsletter which is packed with news, testimonies and resources to help see your street transformed.  If you don't want to get the newsletter, just click Unsubscribe at the bottom when you get it.

3).  Partner with us - A growing number of people support us monthly with a small regular donation.  This helps us do research, write the news letters, process the streets and keep up the communication.  We run Neighbourhood Prayer on a very tight budget so every little helps.  if you would like to donate, please Click Here.

Once again, thanks for your interest, we aim to see 260,000 streets prayed for.  Join in.

Every Blessing

Neighbourhood Prayer Network.